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2019 MACK ANTHEM at www.transportequip.com2019 MACK ANTHEM at
2019 MACK ANTHEM at www.transportequip.com2019 MACK ANTHEM at
2019 MACK ANTHEM at www.transportequip.com2019 MACK ANTHEM at
2019 MACK ANTHEM at www.transportequip.com2019 MACK ANTHEM at
2019 MACK ANTHEM at www.transportequip.com2019 MACK ANTHEM at

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We are Mack. This is our Anthem.:
- With bold design, tough engineering and a highly comfortable interior, the new Mack Anthem™ is built for your business and designed for drivers.
Built for your business.:
- Efficient in every sense of the word, Mack Anthem™ saves on fuel and reduces maintenance costs while maximizing uptime—and your bottom line.
Aerodynamic never looked so Mack:
- The new Mack Anthem™ challenges the expectations of aerodynamic design with a bold look that dramatically improves efficiency.
Smart Serviceablility:
- Mack Anthem's tilt-assist hood and functional, modular design allow service professionals to access, repair and replace components more quickly.
Designed for the driver.
- Mack Anthem’s cab design and driver environment are built around the way work gets done on the road, keeping drivers comfortable, safe and focused all day long.
Control at your fingertips:
- Mack Anthem's instrument panel and steering wheel give drivers total confidence and control in the cockpit. Built to work, the automotive-inspired controls make operating the Mack Anthem™ easy, safe and comfortable.
Home away from home:
- Mack Anthem's spacious cab, stand-up sleeper, premium materials and amenities create an interior that's as comfortable as it is functional.
Everything in its place:
- Mack Anthem™ offers cabinets, work surfaces, wardrobes and shelving to keep the living space organized, functional and ready to work.

The new Mack Anthem™ challenges the expectations of aerodynamic design with a bold look that dramatically improves efficiency.:
Breakaway Mirrors:
- The mounts are spring-loaded to rotate when hit, preventing damage to the cab and lowering parts and repair costs.
Durable Components:
- From bolts to latches, all Anthem components are made from tough, long-lasting materials.
LED Lights :
- LED headlights are 66% brighter, last longer, use less energy and provide better visibility.

Driver Environmnet
Engineered for better control and comfort on the long haul, Anthem helps keep drivers fresh and ready to roll.:
Additional Storage:
- Oversized cup holders fit large drinks and there’s room for keys, devices and more in the easy-to-clean unit.
Mack-Exclusive Seats:
- We partnered with Sears Seating to build seats that improve driver comfort and support, while taking on daily wear and tear.
D-Panel Gauges:
- Customize the dash with 4 optional auxiliary gauges.
Power Window, Lock and Mirror Controls:
- Provide more comfort and control than manual windows.

Sleeper Environment
Mack Anthem™ 70-inch StandUp Sleeper with 35% more space to give drivers plenty of room to get comfortable, rest well and stay focused on the road.
- Opt for a spacious, stainless steel refrigerator or choose from prep kits—including power outlets—for a refrigerator, microwave or flat-screen TV.
Sleeper Control Panel:
- Access power outlets and ports and control the sleeper stereo, interior lighting and high-performing HVAC from one convenient panel.
Generous Headroom:
- Anthem’s generous ceiling height of 6'11" at the driver’s seat and 7’1" in the rear of the cab lets drivers stand up and walk right through to the sleeper.

Base Configurations
Class: 8
Horsepower: 415-505 HP
Torque: 1260-1860
GVW: 35,000-62,000
GCW: 80,000+

Cab Configurations
70-inch Stand Up Sleeper
- Flat roof or roof fairing
48-inch Flat Top Sleeper
- Flat roof or mid roof
Day Cab
- Mid-rise or high-rise

- 11 Liter
- 325-425 HP
- 1260-1560Ib. ft
- Mack Power leash Engine Brake
- 13 Liter
- 415-505 HP
- 1460-1860Ib. ft
- 13 Liter
- 415-445 HP
- 1460-1860Ib.ft

Manual: Maxitorque ES
Manual: Eaton-Fuller Manual Transmissions
Automated Manual: mDRIVE
Automated manual: mDRIVE HD
Automatic: Allison 4000 Series

Twin Y
Vendor (mechanical and air ride)

Standard Features Exterior:
Hood and Fenders, Door Seal, Air Intake Vents, Close-Out Flange, 3-Piece Bumper, Breakaway Side Mirrors, Adjustable Fairings (70" sleeper only), Hood Mirrors, Mack Grille, Aerodynamic Air Dam, LED Lights, Grab Handles, Side Mirrors, Covered Tow loops, Tilt Assist, Breakaway hood Mirrors

Standard Features Interior:
Stand-Up Cab and Sleeper, Power Windows, Illuminated Instrument Panel Controls, Oversized Cup Holders, Ample Sleeper Storage, Flat-bottom Steering Wheel, Power Locks, Digital Analog Gauges, Sears Seating Seats, High-Performance HVAC System, Full-Color Co-Pilot Display, Power Mirrors, Non-slip Electronics Tray, Driver's Seat Air Suspension, Sleeper Windows with Self-Contained Blackout Shades

Optional Features
Powertrain: Mack Integrated Powertrain
Information and Entertainment: Information and Entertainment Panel
Amenities: Microwave Prep Kit
Storage: Flexible Sleeper Storage Configurations
Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems: Mack Cleartech SCR System
Uptime: RollTek
Steering Wheel: Steering Wheel Controls
Seating: Swivel Seats
Amenities: TV Prep Kit
Mirrors: Heated Hood and Side Mirror

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